We are riders and company directors who combine passion and management to create brilliantly planned experiences in two wheels, so you only take care of enjoying.

We have years of riding experience. Our adventures took us through roads, gravel, mud, sand. We've journeyed across deserts, mountains and more. Alone and in groups, in Argentina and all over the world.

We took part in courses, clinics and contests to became serious leaders and tour organizers.

Motorcycle journeys not also require passion and will, but also tailor-made planning. We are committed to safety and a premium service.

Our adventures are designed on the experience acquired over the many miles traveled in Argentinian Roads, having experienced all kinds of difficulties and findings.

Argentina Moto Rental was created for you to enjoy a premium experience in the best places of Argentina, driving a Royal Enfield Himalayan.

Be part of the positive experience! Life is made of time, don’t overthink it, let’s talk!


Mauro Lazzaretti

Partner and Administrator of Argentina Moto Rental

Gonzalo Pascual

Guide of Argentina Moto Rental

Leandro Orsi

Partner, guide and logistic operator of Argentina Moto Rental

Federico Kurtzemann

Driver support vehicle and logistics

Gaston Hourquescos

Partner, Pilot Attention and Public Relations

Rodrigo Avendaño

Technical support


Born in 1972, by profession Business administrator.


Born in 1972, profession architect


Born in 1971, lawyer.


Entrepreneur and rider. Born in Rosario (Argentina) in 1976. He is a Civil Engineer and did a master's degree in business administration. Since he was a child he has been a lover of gliding... skiing and snowboarding; rollerblades, skates and longboards, bicycles...until he discovered his true passion: MOTORCYCLES. In the last 10 years he has ridden all kinds of motorcycles and has been trained in on and off road clinics.


He is a manager in a company selling fuels and vehicle services. He was born in Rosario (Argentina) in 1972. He was always passionate about motorcycles, which motivated him to learn about the world of two wheels. He started rolling and then took courses in different types of driving. He participated in different team competitions and group tours in America. He is certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Mauro Lazzaretti

Entrepreneur and passionate about motorcycles. Graduated from a Business Administration degree, at 38 years old, Mauro directs the KTM Racing Team Argentina, Sport Adventure and Sport Nautica, trained in different disciplines such as enduro, motocross, supercross and trail, he has a fervor for two wheels which He was born from an entire family lineage where at the age of 10, he began his journey as a motorcyclist.




Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, SOHC, Air Cooled, 411 cc, 24.5 bhp at 6500 rpm, 32

Nm at 4250 rpm, Electronic injection system


Half Split Split Cradle Frame, Front Suspension: Telescopic, 41 mm Forks,

200 mm Travel Rear suspension: Monoshock with linkage, 180 mm


Brakes and travel tires

Front tyre: 90 / 90-21

Rear tyre: 120 / 90-17 Brake

front: 300 mm disc, 2-piston caliper, with ABS

Rear brake: 240 mm disc, single piston caliper Dimensions 2190 mm x

840 mm x 1360 mm, with ABS


15 +/- 0.5 Ltr Sidewalk weight: 191 Kg Ground clearance: 220 mm Electricity 12 volts -

DC, battery: 12 volts, 8 Ah


You can rent our motorcycles per day, for as long as you want. You can pick them up at our offices in Funes (Gran Rosario, Santa Fe), or with an additional cost we can take them to any point within a radius of 1000 km.

  • Price per day
  • U$D99
    per /day
  • *check current promotions



Third party liability and theft insurance


Security Deposit

U$D 500


We make you the trip that you dream 100% to measure. You tell us when you want to travel, for how long and with whom you come. We take care of all logistics, itinerary and hotels according to your preference.

Choose between two alternatives:


The 'Altiplano Adventure' route is an impressive circuit that we have been traveling for several years, where you can get to know landscapes and routes incredibly unique to the Argentine Northwest. 

It is a tour in which you can appreciate the contrast of colors of the earth in the hills, the permanent blue sky and without clouds, and the silhouettes of cardones in the horizon.

We will visit different villages with their own traditions and adobe houses, winding roads and cornices, natural reserves and landscapes that change from jungle with lush vegetation to arid with brown colors and ochre for the rocky formations. 

  • Cafayate
    In the province of Salta, located in the Calchaquíes valleys, it is an area known for its reddish rock formations and for being surrounded by vineyards and wineries.
  • The Natural Reserve "Quebrada de las Conchas"
    It is another area where we can visit the Devil's Throat, the Amphitheater and the Toad among other natural rock formations.
  • Camino de las Yungas
    To go to the province of Jujuy we can take Route No. 9, a narrow and winding road with a cornice and a lot of green.
  • Purmamarca
    Located at the base of the spectacular Cerro de los Siete Colores, it stands out in the landscape with its adobe houses and the central square.
  • Salinas Grandes
    It is the third largest salt flat in South America, to get there we must climb the Cuesta del Lipán (National Route 52) reached at 4170 m S.N.M.
  • Viaducto La Polvorilla
    Travelling along the famous Route 40 you will reach the monumental engineering work that marks the end of the journey of the Train to the Clouds.
  • Quebrada del Toro
    Overwhelming landscapes crossing diverse towns, landscapes and fords.
  • Tilcara y Humahuaca
    Other unforgettable places for their beauty are the towns of Tilcara, Humahuaca where you can visit the Hornocal (hill of 14 colors) and Iruya which is a town nestled in the mountain that seems to descend from it.


  • Day 1: Bariloche - San Martin de los Andes
    160 km. Gravel. 3 hours approximately
  • Day 2: San Martín de los Andes - Villa Pehuenia
    255 kmts. Contains gravel sections. 4 to 5 hours approximately
  • Day 3: Villa Pehuenia - Villa La Angostura.
    320 kmts. 5 to 6 hours approximately
  • Day 4: Villa La Angostura - Futalaufquen Lake
    320 kmts. Contains gravel sections. 5 to 6 hours approximately
  • Day 5: Futalaufquen Lake - Gualjaina
    230 kmts. Contains gravel sections. 4 to 5 hours approximately
  • Day 6: Gualjaina - Bariloche
    350 kmts. Mostly gravel. 6 hours approximately.


It's an impressive tour where you can discover incredibly unique landscapes and roads in the Province of Misiones, Argentina.

You'll be abel to appreciate the undulating paths, the red land, the green mountains and discover the greatest biodiversity in the country.

We will enter the heart of Misiones to discover the true Argentine tropics.

  • Ciudad de Apóstoles
    Born as a Jesuit village, today it heads the tourist region of the Earth Colorada and is the National Capital of Yerba Mate.
  • Concepción de la Sierra
    A place where you can enjoy the Ruins of Santa María la Mayor, and the Ruins of Concepción in which the urban area of ​​the town of Concepción de la Sierra is located.
  • San Ignacio
    The largest and best preserved Jesuit ruins from the 17th and 18th centuries. They were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984.
  • Salto Encantado Provincial Park
    It's one of the most impressive jumps in the province of Misiones, the water falls from 64 meters high.
  • Mocona Provincial Park
    It's a protected natural area located in the province of Misiones, on the border with Brazil. The Moconá waterfalls extend over 3 km, with the peculiarity that the waterfalls are parallel to the riverbed.
  • Iguazu National Park
    Its high biodiversity and the Iguazú waterfalls make it one of the priority sites for national and international conservation. The jungle is dominant; however, the differences in soils, relief and water regime favor a great variety of environments.
  • Santa Ana Cross Theme Park.
    A 57.5-hectare estate of pure missionary native forest, with water springs, native tree species, birds from the area and natural viewpoints.


  • Day 1
    From Salta to Calilegua via RN9, RN66 and RN34 (174 km).
  • Day 2
    From Calilegua to Caspala by RP83 (148 km).
  • Day 3
    From Caspala, Jujuy to Huacalera, Jujuy by RP73 (147 km).
  • Day 4
    We depart from Huacalera to Iruya, where we will have lunch. We go down to Pumamarca.
  • Day 5
    From Purmamarca, Jujuy to Salta by RN9 (164 km).


It's a route in which you can appreciate the contrast of the earth's colors on the hills, the amazing blue cloudless sky, and the silhouettes of the cactus on the horizon.

We will visit different towns with their own traditions and adobe houses, winding and cornices roads, natural reserves and landscapes that change from jungle with lush vegetation to arid with brown and ocher colors due to the rock formations.

  • Cuesta del Obispo
    A zigzagging and steep section of Provincial Route 33, in Salta, which connects the Lerma Valley with the upper Calchaquí Valley.
  • Cachi
    It's an authentic town with stone streets and natural charm. Where rich archaeological remains, witnesses of ancient civilizations, are perfectly combined with an incredible natural landscape.
  • Cafayate
    In the Province of Salta, located in the Calchaquí valleys, it's an area known for its reddish rock formations and for being surrounded by vineyards and wineries.
  • San Blas de los Sauces
    This oasis in La Rioja province is a place surrounded by an exuberant landscape that hides a unique archaeological treasure.
  • Cuesta de Miranda
    A part of Route 40 that is famous for its difficulty: a narrow cornice road that hangs from the steep walls of the Miranda River ravine. Today it's fully paved and very easy to navigate.
  • Barreal
    It's a true Andean paradise where natural vegetation is relatively scarce. It's known for its comfortable climate, the purity of its air and its leafy poplar groves.
  • Uspallata
    Nearby, the Aconcagua rises in all its splendor, shaping one of the most famous postcards of Argentina.
  • Villavicencio Natural Reserve
    It's a must-see in Mendoza, where you can enjoy numerous attractions and go through the mythical snails with their 270 curves, it's frequent to find groups of guanacos or ñandús on the route.

Cumbres Córdoba Adventure

It's an impressive tour where you can discover incredibly unique landscapes and routes in the Province of Córdoba, Argentina.

We are going to visit some emblematic places to discover mountains, rivers and the spectacular landscapes that this province offers.

  • Candonga
    A place to meet nature and spend a relaxed day at the foot of Sierras Chicas.
  • La Cumbre
    The fusion of natural landscapes, outdoor activities and cultural spaces joins a great gastronomic and hotel proposal in the heart of the Punilla Valley.
  • Cuevas de Ongamira
    It's a small settlement in a natural and wild setting, with abundant vegetation and hidden waterfalls that invite adventure and rest.
  • Dique La Quebrada
    It's a small reservoir in which aquatic and nautical activities are practiced, although the latter is limited to boats without motors.
  • Cerro Pan de Azúcar
    At 1,260 meters above sea level, this mountain peak has a 360-degree panoramic view of the Punilla Valley, the city of Córdoba, Villa Allende and Unquillo.
  • Copina
    From the peaks that surround it you can see the entire Punilla Valley, easily distinguishing the city of Villa Carlos Paz and Lake San Roque.
  • Saint Clement
    Between country roads, copious vegetation and several watercourses, San Clemente is the refuge of peace and tranquility that everyone seeks in the Paravachasca Valley.
  • Potrero de Garay
    It is a beautiful town that is bordering the coast of Lake Los Molinos. It is the preferred destination to enjoy fishing and water sports and delight in a typical dish of Pejerrey.


You can pick it up at our office near by Rosario next to the airport, no additional cost.

Ask for shipping costs within a radius of 1000 km of the city of Rosario.

Yes, you can travel all over Argentina and also visit bordering countries. 

Yes, we do. You can rent helmets and waterproof bags.

The motorcycles are 2022-2023 units, a complete check is performed prior to each trip.

Yes, we have a 100% secure luggage storage system.

You must be over 21 years old and on own a motorbike license over 300cm3. We ask for a guarantee deposit that is refunded when you return the motorcycles and gear in perfect condition.

We have assistance service throughout Argentina.

You can return it on our Rosario's Office or anywhere else you want (with additional charge)
Motorcycle Insurance is included. Personal Insurance is not included.